Monday, February 23, 2009

By Hand and Then Some

This is me at work. I'm hand tinting a photograph. I love photoshop, I really do, but there is a cetrtain satisfaction I get from doing thing by hand. I like the feel of the pen or brush in my hand.

Here are the results. The picture itself was shot on Ilford hp400 film using my Minolta Maxxum 7, and developed and printed by hand on Agfa multi contrast glossy b&w paper (which is sadly no longer available). The colour was applied using a Spotpen photographic hand coloring pen #39 (yellow).

And here's what happens when one begins to play with photoshop. I'm by no means an expert, when it comes to photoshop, far from it. But essentially this is a collage effect combining the two above photos. For a far better explanation of the process than I could ever give:

Have a great week,

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namaki said...

the colour by hand is great !!! I used to develop my own black and white pictures... but have stopped with the digital... I used Ilford paper too ... you brought back some memories !!!