Friday, February 27, 2009

Visions of Days Past

Flashback Fridays. That's my theme.

I spend a lot of time looking back. I love old buildings. Ruins. Cemetaries. Books. Photographs. Old stuff in general. It fascinates me. The stories that are held within - these are my ghosts; the memories that are imprinted in a palce or object's history.

Today I've got a photo from a building in Ste. Elizabeth, Manitoba.

Ste. Elizabeth is a ghost town; and a few years back, one could have owned the remaining three homes for under $30,000 canadian. Southern Manitoba is dotted with ghost towns and the remnants of settlers dreams. Ste. Elizabeth sprung up along the banks of the Marsh River in the late 1800's. What remains is the church and the three derelict flood damaged homes and out buildings that are now home to swallows and small rodents.

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