Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two For Tuesday Act I scene iv - A Wee Visit

We pick up our scene with our fool (hapless as ever, perhaps more so) in the bathroom washing the green marker off of his face.

Having tempted fate by setting traps with the children through out the house and baiting them with pennies in hopes of catching a leprechaun (and perhaps their treasure), our fool has once again found himself the butt of fate's mischief - green toilet water, a message painted on his office door, and, the crowning glory, a face decorated with green marker. And of course empty traps (aside from the chocolate coins left for the children). I'm sure my Irish ancestors are rolling in their graves.

So on to the photo's: Being St. Patrick's day, green is in order.

First is a close up of a crow's foot violet leaf, photographed using natural light, a 50mm macro lens and tripod.

And below, in lieu of a leprechaun, is a tiny house gnome that now resides in my rock garden.



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Jowee said...

haha the toy .. so cute