Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two for Tuesday, Act I, Scene ii

We pick up the action with our fool picking himself up after his attempt at levity left him splayed across the floor, and attempting to proceed with his day as if nothing had happened. Something of course did happen, but the fault clearly lies with the home designer that did not take into account a 6'4" fool bounding through the doorway from the kitchen to family room to entertain the royal children, when the height of the doorway was determined. Perhaps an extra foot or two would have helped our poor hapless fool avoid braining himself on the lintel. Oh the humanity.

On to the photos.

Fences. I love phtographing fences; especially old ones.

The above photo was shot on film (Ilford hp400) in Headingly, Manitoba at an abandoned home that has since been demolished.

And here I've got a digital shot of the boundary fence at Bird's Hill Provincial Park, Manitoba taken on a frosty morning.

Later and watch your heads,


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namaki said...

Poor you ! Hope it doesn't hurt too much still ! :-O